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Hello Everyone,

The holiday season was wonderful for me, and I was able to spend it with my family. There is nothing better than sharing your time with friends and family. I hope you were able to do the same. But that left little time for me to come up with new blog post ideas. I have set some goals for myself to blog on a more regular basis, and I am looking forward to sharing my adventures with you. I also hope to start a podcast this year, so stay tuned for that in a few months.

2023 looks like it will be a transition year in our industry. Home values are beginning to drop in some areas of the country, and we are seeing some longer marketing times in our area than we have seen in the past few years. However, real estate has a way of balancing itself out. The spring market usually sets the stage for the year and will be the telling sign of how 2023 will pan out. So, stay tuned and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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